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Culture of Safety

Southern New Hampshire Health System fosters a culture in which all of our staff and physicians are responsible for working with patients, families, and each other to ensure patient safety. We work hard to promote  a "just culture" in which:

  • Individuals speak up when they have concerns
  • Each member of the staff has an obligation to listen to others who have a concern
  • Individuals recognize hazards and take action to reduce the risk of harm to patients, families, visitors and staff
  • Members of the staff work together as a team
  • There is a systems approach to analyzing safety issues, by examining how processes may lead to errors and/or near misses, instead of focusing on individual blame
  • Principles of a "just culture" are upheld, through a non-punitive approach to process improvement
  • Individuals accept responsibility and are accountable for the effectiveness of the system in protecting patients, families, visitors and staff from harm
We conduct an annual safety survey of staff using the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) validated assessment tool.

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